Have you ever noticed how different eating habits affect what you can buy in a supermarket? When eating habits are widespread different choices also appear on menus in the major restaurants. When the trend was to eat lower-fat foods there were suddenly little hearts next to menu choices that were lower fat. When the Atkin’s and south beach diets became popular there were suddenly lower carbohydrate choices on menus. Many restaurants now offer Weight Watchers selections complete with point values and exchanges. The main reason for this is that restaurant owners do not want people to stop eating out because they are dieting.

When the Atkin’s diet was first out my husband and I started following it. At that time there were no low carbohydrate choices in the restaurants or grocery stores. It was hard to find cookbooks that included low carb recipes. There were a few recipes in the Atkin’s book, but they tended to use ingredients that were not readily available or were quite expensive. I was always looking for low carb recipes because we were getting bored with the same dinner of a salad and lean meat. A friend of mine is a dietician. She was not thrilled that we were following the Aitkin’s diet because she feels that too much protein is not good for you, however, she did have a book of low carb recipes that she let me borrow. My husband and I were both craving crunchy foods as well as sweets. At this time Splenda was not yet available in the United States and we did not like the after taste from the artificial sweeteners. My sister’s husband went on a fishing trip to Canada and he brought back some Splenda for us. When I was looking through the low carb recipes I saw a recipe for cheesecake. The cake did not have a crust but it had all the other things that we were allowed, cream cheese, sour cream, butter and whipping cream. The recipe included artificial sweeteners but I used the Splenda instead. The cheesecake turned out wonderfully. It was so good that I made it for guests when we had a dinner party. We found that it was easy to have people over for dinner when we were on the diet. We would grill meat and make a nice big salad. For the guests I would have bread or a potato.

We were both successful at losing weight on the low carb diet. We slowly added carbs back in when we reached our goal weights. I find that if I over eat and need to drop a few pounds I can successfully do this by following the restrictive first two weeks of the diet.

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