Habits of the Mentally Tough

You want to be mentally tough. There are a wide variety of ways that you can do this, but one of those is to look at mentally tough people. What habits do they carry out daily? What traits do they possess? How can you emulate the mentally tough in order to also be tough mentally? Take a look at these habits and think about how you can start working them into your life.

• Act In Control
It doesn’t really matter if you are or if you feel like you are, it just matters that you act as though you’re in control. While there are successful people who believe luck has a role to play in success, the key is they don’t wait for it. They go out and act as though everything they do will be successful. Don’t waste energy worrying about what will or won’t happen. Just put your effort into making it happen. You have no control over luck, but you have total control over yourself.

• No Impact
You don’t have an unlimited supply of mental strength. You can build your arm muscles as big as possible but they will still tire under extreme pressure. Your mental strength is the same so, why on earth would you bother wasting energy and power on the things you have no control over? Whether it’s politics or people, family or friends, you can care and you can take action. You can’t force others to join in. Know where and when you can make an impact and focus on that.

• Training Day
While you shouldn’t focus too much on the past, it isn’t something you should forget either. Look at it as training. You have made mistakes, you have failed – take as much learning from it as you can and then let it all go. Yes, it might be easier said than done, but doesn’t that depend on your perspective? If something bad happens, look at it as an opportunity. When someone else makes a mistake, it’s still a learning opportunity. It’s also an opportunity for you to extend the compassion you would like to receive if you were in the same position. Your past doesn’t define you, but how you proceed certainly will.

• Celebrate All Success
I don’t mean all of your success, though, you should. It’s important to also celebrate the success of others. When others find success it doesn’t diminish your successes nor does it mean there’s less for you. A lot of our mental energy is absorbed by envy and resentment. Your friend clinching a promotion doesn’t mean you can’t go out and be awesome, too. Celebrate their wins with as much excitement and fervor as you do your own.

• Whining & Complaining
Just don’t do it. The words that we think, the words that we speak are powerful. They don’t just influence others, they influence you. If you are always complaining about your problems, then you’re going to feel worse about it. Healing cannot be found in complaining, criticizing or whining. You can use your mental energy to find a solution to improve the problem. Don’t whine, fix it. Don’t get caught up talking about everything that’s wrong, talk about what you can do to set it right. You might be surprised by just how effective this is.

• Impress Yourself
Your clothes don’t matter, neither does your title, car or number of bedrooms in your house. People don’t like you for your things. They either like you or they don’t. The only person you need to impress is you. If your friendships are genuine they want to spend time with you because you’re you. It’s as simple as that.

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