Small, Powerful Acts of Self-Care

The most misunderstood aspect of self-care is this – it doesn’t need to be time-consuming, it doesn’t need to cost you money, it doesn’t mean making serious life changes. Self-care can small and still serve you in powerful ways. Even the simplest things can provide you with what you need. With that in mind, check out this list of small, powerful acts of self-care.

Recycle Content
Recycling isn’t just for the environment. You can recycle content, too. If there is a movie, television show or book that you love, watch it again. Sometimes there is comfort in familiarity. You don’t have to sit at the edge of your seat waiting for the ball to drop – you know every twist and turn and that feels good.

Bath Wine
Light a candle or burn some incense, pour yourself some wine, turn the volume up on your favorite relaxation playlist, and take yourself for a bath (or shower). There’s just something about this act of self-care that provides you with relaxation, yet leaves you feeling uplifted all at the same time.

Let it Go
We live in difficult times – the political world is raging on and we get much of our news from social media. It’s easy to get sucked into arguments with friends and even strangers. Let it go. You won’t change any minds this way, but you will stress yourself out. Don’t look for fragmented news on social media, seek it out and don’t bother reading the comments!

Why not take an extra minute or two to toss your old veggies in the compost pile? How is this an act of self-care? You’re spending time in nature, even if it for just a few moments. It will help you fight stress, feel connected to the earth, and leave you feeling more grounded.

Your dentist will tell you to floss at least once a day. Do you? It might be better for you as a whole, rather than just your teeth and gums. See your flossing time as the pause button. You’re hitting the reset button.

Go on a Date
Not just any date, but a solo date. It’s your day off, treat yourself to a trip to the movies, grab yourself some popcorn and candy and relax with a movie. It doesn’t have to be a movie, it could be a sports event, funfair or just about anything that you feel will be relaxing and renewing for you.

There is something stress-relieving about organizing. It could be separating your DVD collection into each genre before alphabetizing it. It might be doing the same, but with old records. It’s just taking steps to complete a mindless activity that allows you time to pause and reflect.

If you feel on the edge, then unplug. Forward your calls to voice mail, put your phone to the side and just allow yourself time to zone out. That doesn’t mean chilling out in front of a television or watching movies all day. This is a total unplug, there is a time and place for the other options. This is about letting yourself daydream, it’s really great for your brain, it’s when creativity sparks and your brain chills out. Let it.

Disrupt It
If you notice yourself having negative thoughts, then vocally disrupt them. Of course, this is something you might skip if there are other people around you. If that’s the case, you can opt to disrupt them internally. Regardless of which way you proceed, it’s an effective way to stop self-doubt in its tracks.

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