Finding the Right Footwear

One of the things you need to consider if you want to start a walking program for yourself is your footwear. Finding the right shoe for walking is essential because if you have foot pain or problems with your feet, it can cause problems with the rest of your body too – from your legs to your knees to your back and more.

Buy a Walking Shoe

If you’re going to use the shoes for walking, you should buy a walking shoe. Walking shoes are typically lightweight, allow for ventilation to prevent moisture, have outsoles that provide traction, plus they offer the right type of arch support.

You Don’t Have to Buy Expensive Shoes

You really don’t have to buy an expensive walking shoe to protect your feet. You only need to make sure it has the right walking shoe features such as those mentioned above. Look for shoe sales in January and April to get the best deals on walking shoes.

Think About How Your Foot Is Shaped

Everyone is different, so once you start looking at walking shoes you want to figure out what type of foot you have. How wide is your foot? How long is your foot? Do you have a big arch or a small arch? Different walking shoes will fit different criteria.

Ensure That the Shoe Fits

When it comes to walking shoes, you don’t need to “break them in.” They should feel comfortable from the moment you put them on. When trying on the shoes, be sure to wear the type of socks you plan to wear while walking to ensure that they fit the same. Also, try shopping for shoes after you have been walking so that your feet are at their largest size. Get your feet measured too, because you may be wearing the wrong size out of habit.

Don’t Wear Old Shoes

You really do need to buy new shoes more often than you might think. A good walking shoe will last about 400 miles of use, but you can also choose to get rid of them when the outsole is worn (as a guide). The best thing though is to check your mileage, just like you would for your car tires. If the outsole is not in good shape, it can cause a considerable impact on the rest of your body due to not giving you enough traction or cushion for your steps.

Wearing the right walking shoes will prevent issues such as blisters, as well as body pain that can be caused by the shock of your foot hitting the pavement. That’s why a walking shoe is lighter, has good shock absorption due to the way the outsole is made, and good materials inside to cushion the impact of hitting the ground with each step. Your feet will thank you, and your entire body will thank you too.

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