Nine Tips for Making Walking More Fun

No matter how good something is for you, sometimes it can seem boring. Many people love walking but if you’re having issues getting into it, consider these tips for making walking more fun.

  1. Try New Walking Trails – Giving your eyes and mind more to see is a great way to make walking more fun. Try walking around a historical neighborhood, walking on a mountain trail, or following someone else’s trail that they’ve documented through one of the walking apps.
  2. Play a Game – Many people love playing games to walk. Organize a scavenger hunt and other activities that incorporate walking. That way, you can get others involved in the fun and get more steps in.
  3. Pick Up Trash – One way to do good and walk more is to adopt an area that you pick up the trash in. This will slow your pace, but it’s an excellent way to get in the steps you need while also doing something great for the environment. And if you’re lucky, you live in a recycling area which might enable you to earn some cash by recycling aluminum and glass that you find.
  4. Reward Yourself – Set up periodic rewards for yourself. For example, if you reach 50,000 steps before Friday during the week, set up a massage to reward yourself for reaching your goals.
  5. Hunt for Treasure – Many people love geocaching. Basically, people are hiding things to see all over the world in places people like to walk or hike. Finding a treasure can make walking fun. To find out more, visit this site:
  6. Take a Friend – Arrange friend dates for walking. Taking a new friend on each of your walks is a great way to catch up since you can talk while walking fast and getting in a workout.
  7. Add Power Walking Intervals – It can really take your walk to the next level if you incorporate different styles of walking into your program. Try walking fast for one minute, then walking at your average pace for ten. If it’s safe, drop and do some push-ups every ten minutes to make your walk more challenging.
  8. Count Your Steps – Counting your steps using a pedometer is a great way to challenge yourself and to add fun to the walk. When you can compare your walking with others by using one of the apps like and participating in their community, it can become more of a challenge and therefore more fun.
  9. Track Your Progress – When you track your progress, it’s fun to see the results. Take your weight and measurements before you start a new walking regimen. Periodically check up on your stats from the steps you took, to the trails you followed, to the way it’s affecting your body.

If you are really having struggles, find a way to incorporate walking into your day that is more natural. For example, park far from the entrances, walk to the store instead of Ubering, and incorporate walking into every part of your life when you can instead of using modern conveniences.

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