Effective Weight Loss Techniques

Obesity is the widespread accretion of excessive fat in the body. Overweight refers to being ten percent above the expected body weight, given the height and build. Obese refers to being twenty percent over the desired target. The medical definition of being overweight is having a body mass index or BMI between 25 and 29.9….

Nine Tips for Making Walking More Fun

No matter how good something is for you, sometimes it can seem boring. Many people love walking but if you’re having issues getting into it, consider these tips for making walking more fun. Try New Walking Trails – Giving your eyes and mind more to see is a great way to make walking more fun….

An Obese Person Has Health Risks

An obese person faces more health risks than a person of average weight. Being that overweight can cause issues like difficulty finding clothes that fit and even sometimes difficulty fitting into seats in places like airplanes and theaters. An obese person also is at much higher risk of things like heart attack and stroke. An…